12 Hours in South Zealand, Denmark

When summer spreads its warmth and engulfs Denmark’s borders a blossoming of wildlife and people can be observed.

Gone are the dark and depressing days of winter, replaced by warm rays of energy that entice the Danes to get outside, throw off their clothes and pluck themselves down in a breazy, lusciously green park or on the gentle sand dunes that line the Danish waters.

Denmark has a lot to offer, and the town of Stege, on the island of Møn in South of Zealand (Sjælland in Danish) is just one of many hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered by tourists and Danes alike. Here is a glimpse from a short trip I made at the end of May 2012, when spring had a hangover and summer had stepped in, leaving my family and I happy as bees, buzzing around the sunny South Zealand’s islands.



Downtown Stege is just busy enough to have a few very tasty, and affordable cafes and shops, but still has the small town, laid back feel.


Slagter Stig Co. – The most unique and freshest lunch in Zealand

We ate lunch at a butcher shop turned restaurant – that is to say the joint began as a butcher shop and has expanded to not only being a butcher that offers rare, and delicious cuts of the finest meat, but also a restaurant that cooks the meat it sells right on the spot, prepared to your liking. And you can sit outside in the garden if the weather permits – which it did.

I had the pariserbøf and my parents had the buffet, both of which were fairly priced at 79 DKK (15 USD), and 84 DKK (16 USD), respectively.

Quite cheap for Denmark.

A Danish Classic: Pariserbøf –  Parisian Burger

A pariserbøf is a normal burger that is grilled, then served on a piece of buttered and grilled toast, and then with a whole bunch of condiments on top.

And it’s the condiments that make this Danish classic one of my favorite things on the planet – imagine this: burger? check. fried bread with fatty butter? check. salty capers? check. some strong as shit horseradish? double check. onions to give everything that extra crunch? check. some sweet, marinated beetroot to play up against the capers? check. some homemade remoulade? check.

And finally. A raw egg yolk? CHECK.

And that, my friends is a pariserbøf.

Classic Danish dish – Pariserbøf (Parisian burger).
The conclusion to a seriously, scrumptiously, sexy and seductive meal.


Charming scenes from around Møn


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