A typical Danish summer day

This post is for anyone interested in visiting Denmark during the summer, and looking for a less touristy way to spending the day than canal cruises and seeing the surprisingly tiny little mermaid, or for those of you who may just be curious as to what a typical, warm and delightfully dozy (that’s a word right?) Danish summer day looks like.

Although I live in Copenhagen, my boyfriend and I are lucky enough to live right behind a luscious green park (Valbyparken) and a summerhouse area that twinkles with colorful petite gardens, bumbling bees and lazy snails, with proud Danish crosses blowing in the background.

A bumblebee snacks on succulent and sweet elderflower nectar. We did the same, and picked a bag of elderflower to bring home and make elderflower syrup out of. Imagine this: Elderflower syrup, vodka, club soda, fresh mint and ice cubes. Perhaps the most refreshing summer refreshment / cocktail of all time.

Recipe coming soon 🙂

Fresh fruits grow all over the place in Denmark, and here raspberries ripen in the sun of a small garden behind Central Copenhagen. You don’t have to be out in the country to experience natures gifts first hand. Supermarkets are overrated, non?

It would be a lie for me to write that Denmark is budget friendly for travelers, the country is expensive in almost all aspects, and the Danes have become accustomed to doing things that don’t require spending a lot of hard earned cash. One way to spend a great afternoon or evening is grilling in one of Copenhagen’s many public parks, just make sure you don’t forget anything, it sucks to realize you don’t have plates / knives / cups for the freshly grilled sirloin steak and vegetable kebabs/ elderflower cocktail.

If you’re a photography nut like me, make sure you bring your camera everywhere. You never know when you’re gonna stumble upon something that is picture worthy. Such as the cute elf riding a bicycle above, which I spotted on the fence of a house behind Central Copenhagen.

Summer is the perfect time to do like the snails and take it easy.

Who wouldn’t dream of living here? Warm days spent in the garden, tending to herbs and flowers while feeling the delightful prick of summer’s rays. I may only be 25, but I would not mind at all doing that all summer, I would just make sure to invite a whole bunch of friends over for a barbeque and rose wine after a hard days work 😉


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  1. alundeberg says:

    Wonderful pictures! I especially like the bees, flowers, and elf. My parents went to Copenhagen last year and saw th Little Mermaid statue. My mom reported, “When they say little, they’re not kidding!”.

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