What’s cookin’ Copenhagen?

Copenhagen Cooking is an annual food festival that sees some of Scandinavia’s best restaurants and chefs come out to play and show what they’re made of. Held in Copenhagen in late August / early September, the festival is a celebration of food, drinks, cultures and people.

Here is a sneak peek at one of the arrangements from Copenhagen Cooking, the Mangfoldighedsfest ( Diversity festival), a two day street fair that offers visitors a taste of cuisine, music and activities from a variety of countries, including the Philippines, Argentina, Vietnam, Singapore, France, Estonia and Nepal. Each stand is represented by either a restaurant or an organization, and the Diversity Festival truly is a celebration of fine cuisine, nationalities and cultural differences.

This post only reviews one of the many exciting events that Copenhagen Cooking has to offer, and this year food lovers could look forward to 9 days of unusual, fun and tasty happenings all over the city. This included special deals for 3 course meals at several Michelin restaurants, beer and wine tastings, cooking workshops, cupcake decorating classes, and various food festivals represented by some of Copenhagen’s best restaurants.

Here’s a taste of what diversity is all about – a little nibble of the world. 

Fresh Vietnamese springs rolls with chicken and a home-made wonton stuffed with crab.

Asian food lovers had a plethora of old and new favorites to choose from, and the food here is from LêLê Street Kitchen, a popular Vietnamese restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen.

There was no holding back on either taste or quality, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who was oohing and ahhing at all the wonderful delights on offer. Almost everything on offer cost no more than 30 DKK ( approximately 5 USD) per meal.

Spicy beef salad with wok fried vegetables and fresh herbs.  

Spicy cod ceviche with chilli, ginger and fresh spices from the Peranakan kitchen.

A newly opened establishment, nam nam is a Nyonya restaurant (serving food inspired by dishes from Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia) and the place really impressed, having whipped up the most delicate, flavorful and fresh cod ceviche from the Peranakan kitchen, along with Singaporean chilli mussels. Also 30 DKK per dish.

Grilled Argentinian beef served with onions and lettuce in a grilled bun.

Grilled Argentinian herb sausage inside a freshly toasted bun.

Argentinian barbeque, Bulgarian tapas and Palestinian falafel with home-made pita bread, I could have spent 6 hours at this food mecca

Freshly made Palestinian falafel served inside warm pita bread with salad and dressing.

Estonian roast beef served with wild mushrooms and a baby potato.

 Copenhagen has a lot to offer in the summer, and hanging out at street fairs like this one is the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday people watching and eating.

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