About #thetastytraveller

This blog is dedicated to my two greatest passions in life – travel and food.

Established 2011.

I was born in Copenhagen, Denmark right before the summer solstice of 1987, and I was brought into the world by a Danish mother and a Spanish father, and being of Latin heritage was given one of the most common names in the Spanish language; Maria.

Although the first few years of my childhood have long vanished from my own memory, I have been told that I experienced my first big holiday to Greece when I was less than six months old. I guess the travel bug bit me somewhere along the Mediterranean coast, because as long as I can remember, I have been absolutely obsessed with experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, hearing new languages, and tasting new flavors. And documenting my experiences along the way, especially through writing and photography.

I spent most of my childhood in Indonesia and in Massachusetts, and after graduating high school I made my way back to Denmark to pursue my university degree. After many (seven) years in Denmark, I decided to make my way back to the international life, first by pursuing a Master’s degree in London, and then taking a job in Paris, where I’m currently loving life.

To read more about who I am, check out one of my first blog posts from 2011 – The history of a munchkin

Have a question about one of my adventures? Or want some inspiration for your next trip? Get in touch, I don’t bite! Unless you taste good.


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